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Wing 303 Arm Gate System   Wing 303 Arm Gate System


Vigileye Wing 303 is an electro mechanical complete system for automatic arm gate system. it composed with primary of an electronic panel unit that control actuator motor to open or close the gate in swing motion.

Standard feature:
• Max gate weight per leaf is 400 kg
• Full DC operation to avoid any potential electric hazard
• Backup battery standby for power failure
• Actuator capability for 90° opening within only 8 to 10 second
• No underground installation
• Coded remote control allow 30 to 50 meter transmission

Technical specification:
Description Parameter
Driving Method Electro – mechanical screw driver piston type
Operating voltage DC 18 V for normal Speed
DC 12 V for ending speed
Motor Output 15 watt per arm
Motor Amp. 2.1
Piston Displace 32 cm
Piston Speed 2.9 cm/sec
Back-up battery 12 volt. 7Ah rechargeable
Safety Clutch Electric current sensing using H-Amp Auto Reverse
Electric Controller Micro-processor based
Temperature 0 to 80˚C
Gear Box Three stages planetary reducer
Manual Operation Special released key during power failure
Max. Weight of gate 400 kg per wing with force adjustable

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